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Shrek The Musical in London – UK Tour Review

I was invited to the press night of ‘Shrek The Musical’ at London’s New Wimbledon Theatre. Currently on its UK Tour, set to run into 2024. This Broadway and West End smash hit theatre production is based on the Oscar winning DreamWorks animated film bringing the beloved story to life on stage. Shrek holds a special place in my heart and I couldn’t wait to witness its transformation into a theatrical performance. I am thrilled to say that my expectations were not only met but exceeded, here is my Shrek The Musical Review:

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So what is Shrek The Musical all about? Find out everything you need to know about the show and it’s UK tour!

Shrek The Musical UK is a delightful and heart warming production that stays true to the spirit of the beloved film while adding its own unique magic. A fun filled extravaganza of a show packed with vibrant costumes, amazing set design, catchy music and toe tapping dance numbers performed by an exceptionally talented cast.

The Story:

We begin our journey in a place far far away, a muddy swamp that serves as an exile for all the beloved fairy tale characters. Little do they know, this swamp is home to the ogre, Shrek himself.

Outraged, Shrek embarks on a great adventure to reclaim his swamp. A quest that involves slaying a fearsome dragon, climbing a tower, rescuing the princess, before delivering her back to Lord Farquaad. Along the journey, Shrek meets his loveable side kick donkey and Princess Fiona and learns the true meaning of friendship, acceptance and being true to yourself.

The Characters

Firstly, the cast are truly amazing in Shrek the Musical. Many of them taking on multiple roles. Delivering so many unforgettable moments from the film while adding their own special flair to the stage adaptation.

Fans of the film will be delighted in hearing their favourite lines come to life on stage. The audience roared with laughter during Gingy’s iconic exchange with Lord Farquaad about the “Muffin Man,” and the delivery of the famous line, “No! Not the buttons. Not my gumdrop buttons!” was well received.

One of the show’s standout moments came courtesy of Cherece Richards, who portrayed the dragon. Her rendition of “Forever,” accompanied by a massive puppet dragon on stage, was nothing short of spectacular and was a fantastic part of the show.

James Gillan’s portrayal of Lord Farquaad was pitch-perfect, capturing the essence of a cheeky yet entertaining villain. His comedic scenes with his guards added an extra layer of humour to the show. I loved all their dance numbers!

Brandon Lee Sears, as Donkey, was an absolute showstopper, he wasn’t just funny, his voice was outstanding, making him a truly standout character. His infectious energy really added another dimension to the show.

Joanne Clifton’s portrayal of Princess Fiona was nothing short of fantastic and the chemistry between her and Shrek (Antony Lawrence) was both convincing and charming. The playful dynamic between the two characters was endearing, and their fart and burp scene had the audience in stitches.

Last and by no means least, was Antony’s role as Shrek. A warm character you cannot help but love… this role is perfectly cast, with an incredible voice too, Antony makes a great Shrek!

My thoughts on the show

Shrek the Musical is everything I could of wanted and by far exceeded my expectations. Flawlessly transitioning the beloved animated film to stage. It was absolutely dazzling, and the exceptional cast’s performances made me fall even more in love with the show.

This is the epitome a true West End Musical, offering everything I could of wished for. They had me at ‘tap dancing rats’! This particular spectacular dance number, led by the talented Joanne Clifton, showcased her remarkable dancing skills and oozed glitz, glamour, and infectious foot-tapping excitement. With numerous show-stopping numbers and an awesome soundtrack featuring fantastic songs like “I’m A Believer,” “Big Bright Beautiful World,” and “I Know It’s Today,” it’s a guaranteed winner of a show.

Shrek the musical review, joanne clifton and tap dancing rates on stage

In conclusion, “Shrek The Musical” is a heart warming tale which boasts an outstanding cast that brings the beloved characters to life with humour, charm and incredible talent. It’s a show that will leave you enchanted after a journey to a far, far away land. With memorable lines from the film, fantastic musical numbers, and stunning chemistry among the cast, it will leave you with cherished memories of an unforgettable evening. It’s no wonder this show received a standing ovation – it truly deserves it, a must-see for Shrek fans!

Meet The Cast & Team
  • Antony Lawrence – Shrek
  • Joanne Clifton – Fiona
  • Brandon Lee Sears – Donkey
  • James Gillian – Lord Faquaad
  • Cherece Richards – Dragon
  • The company is completed by Leo Abad, Scotty Armstrong, Imogen Bailey, Jabari Braham, Georgie Buckland, Natasha Cayabyab, Mark Darcy, Jonathan David Dudley, Remi Ferdinand, Sonny Grieveson, Edward Leigh, Bethany Kate, Jessica Lim, Andile Mabhena, Bronte MacMillan, India Thornton. Talia Duff, Gabriela Gregorian, Roy Shafford and Jamie Jonathan.
shrek and the fairytale characters on stage in shrek the musical uk tour

Everything you need to know to book tickets for Shrek the Musical:

Shrek the Musical UK Tour show dates and to book:
  • Book tickets London New Wimbledon Theatre – 26 September 2023 – 30 September 2023
  • Book tickets Dartford Orchard Theatre – 2 October 2023 – 7 October 2023
  • Book tickets Northampton Royal & Derngate – 10 October 2023 – 15 October 2023
  • Book Tickets Leicester Curve Leicester – Tue 17 Oct – Sat 21 Oct 2023
  • Book tickets Bradford The Alhambra Theatre – 24 October 2023 – 28 October 2023
  • Book tickets Woking New Victoria Theatre – 30 October 2023 – 4 November 2023
  • Book tickets Eastbourne Congress Theatre – 13 November 2023 – 18 November 2023
  • Book tickets Cardiff Wales Millennium Centre – 20 November 2023 – 25 November 2023
  • Book tickets York Grand Opera House – 27 November 2023 – 2 December 2023
  • Book tickets Blackpool Blackpool Winter Gardens – 12 December 2023 – 30 December 2023
  • Book tickets Glasgow Kings Theatre – 15 January 2024 – 20 January 2024
  • Book tickets Edinburgh Edinburgh Playhouse – 22 January 2024 – 27 January 2024
  • Book tickets Coventry Coventry Belgrade – 30 January 2024 – 4 February 2024
  • Book tickets Sunderland Sunderland Empire – 6 February 2024 – 10 February 2024
  • Book tickets Liverpool Liverpool Empire – 12 February 2024 – 17 February 2024
  • Book tickets Southampton Southampton Mayflower – 20 February 2024 – 25 February 2024
  • Book tickets Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Theatre – 27 February 2024 – 3 March 2024
  • Book tickets Hull Hull New Theatre – 5 March 2024 – 10 March 2024
  • Book tickets Cheltenham Cheltenham Everyman – 12 March 2024 – 17 March 2024
  • Book tickets Nottingham Nottingham Theatre Royal – 19 March 2024 – 24 March 2024
  • Book tickets Norwich Theatre Royal – 26 March 2024 – 30 March 2024
  • Book tickets Belfast Grand Opera House – 2 April 2024 – 6 April 2024
  • Book tickets Birmingham The Alexandra – 9 April 2024 – 14 April 2024
  • Book tickets Londonderry Millennium Forum – 16 April 2024 – 21 April 2024

What is the expected running time?

Approx 2 hour 35 including interval.

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I was invited to the press night of Shrek The Musical but all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

Thank you for reading ‘Shrek the Musical London – UK Tour Review’.

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