What is the David Lloyd Blaze workout about?

What is David Lloyd Blaze?

You may have noticed that David Lloyd clubs has recently renovated many of their clubs to introduce their Blaze studios. A new kind of workout.

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So what is Blaze?

Blaze is described as a ‘Boutique Group Training Experience’ bringing intense cardio with strength and combat training. A high energy fast-paced workout where you can see just how hard you’ve worked thanks to a unique heart-rate monitoring system. These things combined, it means faster and better results.

David Lloyd Blaze studio, strength section with weights and benches.

David Lloyd Blaze Inside studio

The Studio

The Boutique style studio looks amazing. Each area is clearly defined. There was a cardio section with high tech treadmills, a strength section with weight bench and your own set of weights and a combat zone with suspended punch bags for mixed martial arts.

Where Blaze differs slightly from your usual high intensity interval training is that you can purchase a belt that tracks how hard your working and displays on large screens around the studio. The trick is to work within your ‘red zone’ to really burn those calories! It is a great encouragement and means you know when you can push that little bit further.

The Blaze studios are very sleek in design, the lighting is quite dark but the colours gradually change, almost like a club feel and the music is loud and upbeat. Perfect to get you in the zone.

Treadmills at David Lloyd Blaze
Mixed martial arts at David Lloyd Blaze
Treadmills and screens at David Lloyd Blaze
Weight bags at David Lloyd Blaze

The Blaze Class

So you’re advised to arrive early for your class to get set up with your Myzone belt and boxing gloves. The Myzone heart rate monitor is worn under your clothing just under your breast bone and is surprisingly comfortable. You don’t notice it whilst working out. You need to purchase your own belt if you want to use one. It keeps track of your workouts and sends the information to an app on your phone. So if you’re serious about Blaze workouts, it’s a great investment. Alternatively you can still do the Blaze class without the monitor, it is a high intensity fun class and you will still get a lot out of it.

Once set up your names appear on the screen each showing your heart rate. You start off on blue or green but your target is to work hard enough to change your square on the screen to yellow and even better red! Once in red, that is where you want to stay to really feel the burn!

Myzone screen at David Lloyd Blaze

You start every Blaze workout with a warm up before progressing into your Blaze workout. The music is loud, the lights colour change and your instructor’s energy is always high! You’d be surprised at how quickly your Myzone square changes to yellow and then red. During the workout you are able to keep check that you are still working hard, if you notice the percentage dropping slightly, you could push yourself that little bit harder to keep in the red zone. There is no doubt it really motivates you and you work harder than ever before.

The Exercises

The class is fun and you work in for 3 minutes intervals. You do 3 sets per section before cleaning down your station and changing to the next section. You rotate between the cardio, strength and combat zones.

In the Cardio zone you alternate jogging and running on a treadmill in 30 second intervals. In the Strength zone you will will be shown the strength exercises to follow. They are normally a mix of weight exercises with dumb bells and body weight exercises. Every 3 minutes they are changed up and your instructor advises what exercise to do next. This is similar to the combat zone. Once you have put on your gloves you are given a combination of boxing combos to tackle the bag. This is combined with other exercises in between, for instance burpees or picking up a weighted bag. You definitely work hard and as it’s constantly changing, you don’t get time to be bored.

After the workout

I always really enjoyed my Blaze classes and can see why they are proving so popular. I like the varied workout and I push myself like never before. In the dimly lit boutique style studio I find it easy to get in the ‘zone’ without feeling self conscious, unlike under the bright lights of a regular gym class. In just a 45 minute Blaze class I almost double my regular calorie burn, which is quite incredible.

Blaze definitely has a place in my regular workout routine, a short class that delivers excellent results!

There are 30 minute David Lloyd Blaze taster classes available if you’re feeling nervous about trying a full class for the first time! Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Burn it up people!

View of my feet inside the studio at David Lloyd Blaze
Me outside my first blaze session David Lloyd Blaze

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See Blaze in action:

Written in collaboration with David Lloyd but all thoughts, feelings and opinions are completely mine!

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