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An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical Review – London Theatre

An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical Review

I was invited to the press night of ‘An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical‘ at New Wimbledon Theatre in London. It is running here until 6th April 2024 before embarking on its UK tour until November. This show is an adaptation of the 80’s classic love story of the same name. Described as a ‘timeless story of love, courage, and redemption will make your heart soar and leave you breathless, longing for more.

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You can expect all the 90’s smash hits including: the songs of Madonna, Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, including the award-winning (Love Lift Us) Up Where We Belong. Here is my ‘An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical’ review:

Everything you need to know about ‘An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical’ UK Tour

The Story

An Officer and a Gentleman” unfolds as a timeless love story, adapted from the award-winning 80s film of the same name. The narrative follows the journey of Zack Mayo, a young officer candidate who enrols in the Aviation Academy under the stern instruction of Sergeant Emil Foley. Mayo’s aversion to conformity leads to a transformative journey, by Foley’s strict guidance and an unexpected romance with Paula. Through trials and unexpected connections, Mayo grapples with tough life lessons, ultimately discovering his true aspirations. The theatrical adaptation remains faithful to the beloved movie, ensuring fans of the original will appreciate the production’s close alignment with its cinematic predecessor.

The Characters

The cast of “An Officer and a Gentleman” delivered a range of memorable performances, each contributing to the overall success of the production. I particularly enjoyed the training session group performances that were really impactful combined with brilliant choreography. Just a joy to watch!

The cast of an officer and a gentleman the musical uk tour review
Copyright Marc Brenner

Luke Baker, portraying Zack Mayo, showcased a powerful rock voice that was very much suited to his character, although some may find his portrayal lacking in full conviction as Mayo. However, Georgia Lennon’s portrayal of Paula Pokrifki was full of charm and she has a beautiful voice that adeptly navigated the emotional depth of her songs. The pair indeed show great chemistry on stage together and their relationship was believable.

Jamal Kane Crawford’s portrayal of Sergeant Emil Foley was undeniably authentic, completely capturing the essence of the character, you couldn’t help but love to hate him. Jamal was made for this part! Paul French’s portrayal of Sid Worley was a standout, demonstrating his versatility and leaving audiences yearning for more. I would of liked to perhaps have seen him playing the main character of Mayo. Esther Pokrifki, portrayed by Melanie Masson, commanded the stage with a powerhouse performance, particularly in poignant moments such as her rendition of “This is a Man’s Man’s World.” What a voice! Sinead Long’s portrayal of Lynette, coupled with the entertaining choreography, added flair and energy to the production with her performance of Material Girl, which was one of my favourite moments of the show. It was so much fun!

Jamal Kane Crawford's portrayal of Sergeant Emil Foley in an officer and a gentleman
copyright Marc Brenner

While some performances may have excelled in certain aspects, the ensemble as a whole effectively captured the spirit of the original movie, breathing new life into iconic characters. Standout moments included Esther Pokrifki’s soul-stirring performance of “This is a Man’s Man’s World” and Sinead Long’s spirited rendition of “Material Girl,” accompanied by dynamic choreography that heightened the theatrical experience.

Set Design

The set design and staging of “An Officer and a Gentleman” seamlessly transitioned between various environments with an industrial flair. Across multiple layers, a set of portable stairs served as a versatile tool, transforming the stage into different locations. They totally nailed the 80s vibe with the addition of retro illuminated signs, making us feel like we were right there in the era of big hair and neon lights. The attention to detail in the costumes captured the essence of the 80s era, from mullets to the acid-washed jeans, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

The Music

“An Officer and a Gentleman” soundtrack was epic, playing many of my favourite 80’s tracks including the classic from the movie ‘Where we Belong’. The music succeeded in transporting the audience into the vibrant world of 80’s. The production’s smash-hit soundtrack, features iconic hits from artists like Madonna, Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper, and Blondie. The infectious energy of the music, coupled with impressive choreography, created a high-octane atmosphere that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. However, amidst the exhilarating dance numbers and electrifying performances, the production also delivered poignant moments combined with beautiful ballads.

My thoughts on the show

“An Officer and a Gentleman” offers a highly entertaining experience, filled with nostalgic charm. The infusion of classic 80s music and impactful choreography added to the production’s charm, appealing to fans of the original movie. While the stage adaptation remained loyal to its cinematic counterpart and showcased brilliant performances from the cast, some elements of the dialogue felt overly wordy, leading to occasional dips in engagement. Despite this, the production delivered an enjoyable evening of entertainment. For fans of the movie seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, “An Officer and a Gentleman” is sure to deliver a action packed, high energy and fun filled experience with plenty of memorable moments and stellar musical performances.

I would recommend “An Officer and a Gentleman” to fans of the film who are eager to relive its magic on stage. With its faithful adaptation, outstanding cast performances and an impressive soundtrack, the production offers a nostalgic journey that is hard to resist. While it may not surpass the original movie, it undoubtedly provides an entertaining and enjoyable evening for audiences seeking a dose of 80s nostalgia.

Cast List: 

  • Luke Baker – Zack Mayo
  • Georgia Lennon – Paula Pokrifki
  • Jamal Crawford – Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley
  • Paul French – Sid Worley
  • Sinead Long – Lynette Pomeroy
  • Melanie Masson – Esther Pokrifki
  • Tim Rogers – Byron Mayo
  • Olivia Foster-Browne – Casey Seegar
  • Lucas Piquero – Eduardo Cortez
  • Chris BreisteinLouis Perryman
  • Wendi Harriott – Aunt Bunny
  • James Wilkinson-Jones – Troy
  • Danny Whelan – Craig
  • Julia Jones – Ensemble
  • Etisyai Philip – Ensemble
  • Mia Harrison – Ensemble
  • Lukin Simmonds – Jacobson
  • Will May – Ensemble
  • Ellie-Grace Cousins – Ensemble

Tour Dates:

the cast of An Officer and a gentleman the musical

Running time:

2 hours and 30 minutes, including 20-minute interval.


This show contains adult themes and strong language, including some scenes depicting physical violence, alcohol abuse and death.

Age Guidance:

Age Guidance 13+. Please be advised An Officer and a Gentleman contains themes of an adult nature and strong language.


TICKETS From £20.

For more information or to book tickets.

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We were invited for press night but all comments and opinions are strictly my own. Thank you for reading An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical Review.

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