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Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at Leeds Castle

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Go Ape Tree Top Adventure and Tree Top Adventure Plus Courses at Leeds Castle

Eden loves zip lining and doing activity days! Previously, we were lucky enough to be invited along to try out the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at Leeds Castle. This time we were invited back to try out their new Adventure Plus Course and what a truly awesome time we had!

On Arrival

Go Ape Leeds Castle is set within the grounds of the castle, with lots of free parking available. Need a local hotel?

We pre booked our times slot in advance and presented ourselves at the Go Ape reception about 10-15 minutes before our allotted time. It’s really simple to book and pay in advance on Go Ape’s website. On our first visit we booked the Tree Top Adventure course which is suitable for families with younger children. There is no minimum age just a minimum height restriction of 1 metre. Children under 6 years of age require an adult to go up with them. Children over 6 years of age can go up and around the activity alone and you can watch from below or join them, it’s up to you!

This time we booked the Adventure Plus Course. This tree top adventure is for children above 1.2m and over 6 years. The Adventure Plus course is an extension to the Treetop Adventure experience. You work your way around the original Adventure course which loops around in two loops. Once you have found your feet and built your confidence on that course, you are ready to hit the heights of Adventure Plus. Adventure Plus at Go Ape is higher, more challenging and finishes with a bigger and longer zip ride.

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Your Go APE Tree Top Adventure

I had filled in our disclaimers for the family online in advance. Upon arrival we reported to reception where we confirmed our details, were issued our gloves and then ready to go! It’s advisable to make sure everyone has been to the toilet before you start your time slot. Toilets just at the main entrance of Leeds Castle, along with a kiosk for drinks and snacks.

Eden at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus at Leeds Castle


Getting Started

We headed on down to the Tree Top Adventure Plus course area just before our allotted time slot. Our harnesses were quickly and efficiently fitted by a GO Ape Safety Instructor. We then had a short safety briefing and shown instructions on how to use our equipment. Within minutes we were attached onto the safety rail system and ready to start our adventure. You are attached the whole way round the course so you don’t need to worry about you or your little one accidentally unclipping. It feels safe and the harness is not uncomfortable.

The Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Experience

On the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure experience at Leeds Castle there are two different rope courses to take. Each loop has a different combination of wobbly bridges, crossings and obstacles to test you. They both end back with a zip line finale. Then you can go back round to try the next course or do it all over again. You have an hour to go round as many times as you wish.

Eden charged ahead and handled each crossing brilliantly. I struggled to keep up with her. There are a real mix of crossings from rope bridges, swinging platforms, a cargo net bridge and ropes that reach tree to tree. There is a platform on each tree so you can stop and ready yourself for the next crossing. Once you’ve made your way round the course you have the thrilling finale of the zip line! This was our most favourite part. It was so much fun whizzing through the air and landing on the soft wood chippings! I couldn’t quite get to grips with landing on my feet and ended up on my bottom!

Tree Top adventure course at Go Ape Leeds Castle

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus Experience

The Go Ape Adventure Plus experience is an extra section added onto the Tree Top Adventure Course. You get to experience both loops on the Adventure Course. Then once you have built your confidence and got to grips with the obstacles, you can test yourself further on the Adventure Plus Course.

You start your adventure at the bottom of a tall wooden tower. Once at the top however is when the fun really begins. The Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus course has more thrills than the Tree Top Adventure. Taller heights, more difficult crossings and obstacles and a longer, more exhilarating zip line finale.

How was it?

The Adventure Plus course at Go Ape Leeds Castle tested us all. The first crossing was a tricky one to start you off. We had to manoeuvre either side of ropes to make our way across. Eden did get nervous at times but with a few words of encouragement she made it to the other side. I was more nervous than her. I had to give myself a firm talking to half way across. I’m sure it made for funny viewing for the onlookers below!

We all really enjoyed the new Tree Top Adventure Plus course at Go Ape. It was definitely more of a challenge but perfect for slightly older, bigger kids/teens that want or need a bit more than the ‘Adventure’ experience has to offer. Our whole experience took us slightly longer than 1 hour.

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus experience at leeds castle
Eden crossing the rope bridge at Go Ape Tree Top adventure plus at leeds castle
Crossing a rope bridge Eden at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus at Leeds Castle
Close up of eden at Eden at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Plus at Leeds Castle


I would really recommend the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure and Adventure Plus Experiences at Leeds Castle. We all came away feeling really proud of our achievement. We were happy and feeling exhilarated after an hour climbing and swinging amongst the trees. It had the combination of challenging and simple crossings along with the thrill of the zip lines. This made for the best finales to our experience. We enjoy being an active family and this was a great fun family activity that people with varying abilities can enjoy together. Its great to get outside and be outdoors. We had the best time and cannot wait to return very soon. Thank you Go Ape for a wonderful, fun and exhilarating experience!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How much does Go Ape cost per person? The Tree Top Adventure Course starts at £19 per person and the Tree Top Adventure Plus Course starts at £23 per person. If you fancy something more challenging the Tree Top Challenge for bigger kids and adults over 1.4m then prices start at £25.
  • How long do you spend at Go Ape? Approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins for the Tree Top Adventure and Adventure Plus experience and 2-3 hours for the Go Ape Tree Top Challenge.
  • Is Go Ape open in the rain? Yes Go Ape is an all weather activity except thick ice, thunder storms and gales.
  • Can you take your phone on Go Ape? Yes it is advisable to make sure it is attached to you at all times, however it needs to be kept in a zipped secure pocket and done so at your own risk.
  • What should I wear to Go Ape? Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in, with trainers or boots (no open toed shoes or sandals). I’d recommend the Go Ape gloves as your hands can get dirty and a little sore.
  • Is Go Ape suitable for 5 year olds? What is the minimum age for Go Ape? There is no minimum age just a minimum height restriction of 1 metre. Children under 6 years of age require an adult to go up with them.
  • If you are booking Go Ape do you have to pay admission to Leeds Castle? No entrance to Leeds Castle is separate, you do not have to pay entrance into Leeds Castle to visit Go Ape. 
  • What is the minimum height? Minimum height is 1 metre. 
  • How much is parking? Parking is free. 
  • Do I need to pre book? Booking in advance is advised. Booking can be made on the Go Ape website
  • Can people watch at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure? Yess spectators can watch and take pictures from below. 

For more information, visit Go Ape’s website.

Eden holding her certificate at Go ape Leeds castle Tree top adventure plus experience

Little miss eden rose. We completed the Go ape tree top adventure plus course at leeds castle

Check out the fun we had here:

Thank you for reading Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at Leeds Castle. We are also massive fans of Leeds Castle, you can read our review here.

Information correct at time of publishing. Invited by Go Ape but all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at Leeds Castle
Go Ape Treetop Adventure at leeds castle. Great kids activity.

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  2. I would be petrified – you’re both much braver than me!

  3. My children loved Go Ape but I’ll freely admit I was terrified. i was glad when they got old enough that they could do the Tree Top challenge on their own!

  4. This is great. We’d looked at GoApe at Whinlatter Forest Park in the Lake District but the kids were too young at the time. Your post answers a lot of the question I have for next time we go so thank u ?

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