My Sunday Photo – Enjoying our beautiful city London!

Well it’s a sad ‘My Sunday Photo’ day today, waking up and realising it wasn’t all just a bad dream. It was real, our beautiful city London, that we love and enjoy has come under attack. Scarier still when we were there ourselves just yesterday.

What an amazing day we had in London, travelling on the tube to see 42nd Street. A dazzling show we enjoyed every second of it. We meandered around Covent Garden and strolled through the stalls at the Jubilee Market. We people watched, we drank in the sights, smells and tastes of London, truly indulging in and enjoying our city.

Those people that seek to attack us and bring us down are cowards. They cannot stop us from living, loving and appreciating our beautiful city London.

My Sunday Photo is of a gorgeous family day we spent enjoying London. We had walked for miles soaking in the sights, followed the trail of the Dream Jars last August, celebrating the launch of The BFG. We had walked along the Southbank that day. It was bustling with people young and old. It was exciting and new for Eden, we showed her the sights and we hunted for dream jars and what a glorious day that was.

Dream Jar – Ship of Dreams

My Sunday Photo, dream jar at Tower bridge London You will never stop us from living our lives, there are those that will try and break us but we will overcome them, for they are the weak. The cowards that hide and plan in the shadows and then prey on our innocent and vulnerable. You are cowards, you are nothing.

I am linking up with Darren @Photalife for My Sunday Photo.

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  • Reply
    darren coleshill

    It’s so scary, it’ll never stop me visiting London. BEautiful photos

    Thank you for linking up

  • Reply
    Bear and Cardigan

    It won’t stop me visiting but I will be nervous. I love the boat in the bottle too #MySundayPhoto

  • Reply
    Mummy on a Budget

    Glad you had a good day. It’s so important for us all to keep visiting our cities, and keep doing what we do. #mysundayphoto

  • Reply

    Now I’ve heard of message in a bottle but not a boat before. I like the trail of different dreams laid out. #MySundayPhoto

  • Reply
    Merlinda Little

    Its such a scary event and its so nice to see people fighting back by not letting terror win. Lovely photo. #mysundayphoto

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