BodyAttack workout at David Lloyd

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BodyAttack workout at David Lloyd

So in my fitness journey mission at the moment I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying some new classes. One of those classes has been Blaze, which you can read about in my review here. So this time round I tried BodyAttack workout at David Lloyd.

With my normal routine I generally stick to HIIT (high intensity interval training), total conditioning (weights), body pump (weights), and legs bums & tums for my workouts. I then mix it up with Body Balance and Pilates for some more relaxing stretching classes. So I don’t normally do too much cardio if I can help it as I’m not the biggest fan. So trying Body Attack for me was a big step. Read on to hear what I thought of it.

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So the BodyAttack workout is described as ‘A high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combine athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats‘.

The BodyAttack workout is a whole body workout that improves your fitness and burns calories whilst toning and shaping. You’ll build stamina using sports exercises that will improve coordination and agility.

The BodyAttack workout is available in 30, 45 or 55 min workouts. I opted for the 55 minute option, it consisted of 11 tracks, 9 high intensity workouts, 1 core track and 1 cool down. You get a quick breather after each track before moving on to the next. The music was fast and upbeat, getting you into the zone. During the warm up I felt good and settled into the class quickly after my initial nerves. The great thing about it was the instructor gave varying levels of difficulty for each exercise. It really catered from beginners upwards, so you could work to your own level. If you don’t want to jump you can step it out instead, it’s your workout so you can work at a pace you’re comfortable at.

My Conclusion

So the BodyAttack workout was certainly challenging but so much fun. It was a really upbeat class, the instructor was great and I was actually buzzing by the time I left the class. All the moves were fairly simple, squats, press ups, jumping, running and lunging. I can really see why people can get hooked on it. The other people in the class all seemed to really enjoy it and I can understand why the regulars love attending the BodyAttack class so much.

The best part… I burnt nearly double the calories I normally burn in a 55 minute workout! I couldn’t believe it. I knew I had worked hard during the BodyAttack workout but I didn’t feel I had worked ‘that’ hard! I had burnt 628 calories and although it was a high impact and high intensity workout, it was so much fun and I really came out on a high! I would definitely love to start incorporating this into my regular workout routine and recommend it to others, whether you’re new to working out or not.

I take part in BodyAttack classes at my local David Lloyd Club but to find your local Les Mills BodyAttack class, check here.

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Top questions asked about Les Mills BodyAttack:

  • How many calories do you burn in body attack?

You can burn up to 730 calories during a BodyAttack workout. I burnt 628 during my first BodyAttack class.

Does BodyAttack help lose Weight?

Research shows that high-intensity interval training optimises the muscles’ ability to burn fat. BodyAttack has the advantage of potentially burning up to 730 calories per class. Combined with healthy eating and exercising recommended.

Is BodyAttack a good workout?

The BodyAttack workout is a challenging and fun group exercise. High intensity and burns calories fast.

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