Kevin by Rob Biddulph

‘Kevin’ by Rob Biddulph – A Review

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‘Kevin’ by Rob Biddulph

We were thrilled to receive a copy of ‘Kevin’ the newest book from the bestselling, award-winning author of Blown Away and GRRRRR! ‘Kevin’ by Rob Biddulph published on 10th August 2017 is a story about a boy, his imaginary friend and a beautiful friendship.

Kevin by Rob Biddulph Front Cover

The Story

Eden immediately liked the front cover. She was drawn to Kevin’s big friendly face staring back at her, she couldn’t wait to see more.  In the story we are introduced to Sid, a cheeky and sometimes naughty character. He get’s in to trouble with his mum and thinking fast blames it on his imaginary friend Kevin. Much to Sid’s surprise he discovers that Kevin isn’t as imaginary as first thought. In fact he is quite real and Sid is transported into Kevin’s bright and colourful land. During Sid’s time with his imaginary friend he discovers that Kevin’s feelings are very real and being honest and truthful is very important. Sid realises his faults, learns how to take responsibility and to make amends.

‘Suddenly Sidney did not feel so clever. He actually felt like the least best-friend ever. He went up the stairs full of sorrow and guilt. To where he found Kevin tucked under his quilt’

‘Kevin’ by Rob Biddulph is an enchanting storybook. Every parents dream, the rhyming tale is a pleasure to read and the pages are filled with beautiful illustrations. Starting in a dull grey world you are transported into Kevin’s bright and colourful world where Sid learns a valuable lesson.

Kevin by Rob Biddulph Eden reading

Kevin by Rob Biddulph review Kevins land

Kevin by Rob Biddulph review Eden enjoying the book

Eden’s Imaginary Friend

Eden really enjoyed the story. Although only 5 she understood the story was about Friendship. Eden loved the characters in the book and really liked the bright and busy pages. I asked Eden if she had an imaginary friend and what they might be like. You can see her response and her thoughts on ‘Kevin’ in our short video here:

‘Kevin’ By Rob Biddulph is out now and hard back copies are £12.99.

Thank you for reading ‘Kevin’ by Rob Biddulph – A Children’s Book Review.

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Kevin by Rob Biddulph review

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  1. Jodie A Green says:

    i personally dont remember but my mum said i did until i was around 5/6, a dog called flake who could talk??

  2. I love the look of this book, we are big fans of Rob Biddulph. I don’t think I had an imaginary friend when I was younger. It will be interesting to see if either of my boys develop one.

  3. chantelle hazelden says:

    I didn’t have an imaginary friend when I was younger

  4. I got a little obsessed with the idea of a sister (I had two brothers), so my imaginary friend was called Emily. I don’t think she was around for too long but I clearly remember signing birthday cards from her as well lol!

  5. Jade Hewlett says:

    I don’t remember having an imaginary friend as a child

  6. Jane Berrow says:

    I had a kingdom of people who lived in my bedroom. I was, of course, the Queen

  7. Adrian Bold says:

    My childhood was a LONG time ago, but I can’t remember ever having an imaginary friend.

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    I don’t think I did – maybe it was because I was one of four? 🙂

  9. Angela Treadway says:

    Not as far as I can remember, that was like 30 years ago lol x

  10. Tracy Newton says:

    I don’t remember having an imaginary friend when I was small. Next time I see my parents I really must remember to ask them

  11. sheri darby says:

    Yes I had 3 imaginary friends, but they went away t other lonely children when my sister was born.

  12. No, used to talk to myself a lot. Actually, I still do!!!!

  13. Angela L Paull says:

    I don’t remember having one – I was too busy with my teddy bears lol

  14. iain maciver says:

    no not that I remember

  15. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    I did have an imaginary friend,she was a princess

  16. fiona waterworth says:

    no only because me and my sister were close in age so really never needed one

  17. I was the only girl and I had an imaginery sister, we had such fun 🙂

  18. Laura Nice says:

    No i didn’t as i had my brother to boss about

  19. Natalie Crossan says:

    No never and my mum’s convinced I never had much of an imagination lol xx

  20. This sounds like a lovely book, and such vivid illustrations! I remember having an imaginary friend when I was little but getting bored of her so inventing a sister who was a more interesting imaginary friend!! My daughter has multiple imaginary friends as a coping mechanism, sometimes she can be a bit too involved in ‘their’ world but it’s funny to hear her imagination at work! #KLTR

  21. I am loving this book. We’ll definitely get it 🙂


  22. This sounds like a lovely book, imaginative and fun and I think the colourful illustrations look fab. I don’t think either of my children have imaginary friends but I kind of would like them to! Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

  23. This is an interesting book and sounds really fun to read. We do love make believe and I think this would be great for my daughter. Thanks for linking up to KLTR… Yours is post of the week!

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