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Run Rebel Theatre Review – Mercury Theatre

I was invited to the press night of the Run Rebel Theatre production at Colchester’s Mercury Theatre. Run Rebel is a world premiere adaptation of Manjeet Mann’s multi award-winning novel. Touring UK theatres in March and April 2023.

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So what is the Run Rebel Theatre Production all about? Read our review and find out everything you need to know about the show and UK tour 2023!

Run Rebel is a young adult fiction novel with many accolades including ‘Guardian’s best book of 2020‘. It’s a trailblazing verse novel that thunders with rhythm, heart and soul and Pilot Theatre’s adaptation onto stage is perfectly done. Combining physical theatre and mesmerising visuals, and performed by a multi-talented ensemble this promises to be another landmark co-production made especially for audiences of 11+.

The Story:

I am strength
I am power
I am courage
I am revolution
I am Amber Rai

Amber is trapped, by her family’s rules, by their expectations and by her own fears. When Amber is running track she is completely free. As her body speeds up, the world slows down, untangling the mixed up lines in her head. Amber struggles at home, with her alcoholic father, his threats and the desperate need to fulfil her dreams. We go on a journey through the highs and lows of her life and learn of her incredible strength to bring about a revolution to change things for the better.

It’s time to start a revolution: for her mother, for her sister, for herself.

run rebel theatre show
Photo Credit Mark Senior

Run Rebel

The staging was incredibly clever, everything on stage was used to create each scene, whether it was school, or home or the running track. The main focus of the stage was what can only be described as a skate board ramp. This was used as part of the race track, as a seat at home, or even the railings over the park, incorporating it into every scene. At the rear of the stage was a large screen that was used to help tell the story and pieces of furniture and smaller props that were moved to create each scene but always in view.

The show flowed beautifully, with poetic verses and spoken word. It was so fluid and easy to listen to. There was movement from current day to flashbacks, as we journeyed in and out of Amber’s thoughts and we felt the pressure and stress that Amber was under from the difficulties of her home life.

Run rebel theatre staging review UK tour
Photo credit Mark Senior

My thoughts on the show

Run Rebel Theatre production was nothing short of spectacular. I loved every minute, like a book I could not put down I just wanted to know more. This was such an incredible story and so cleverly told, with an amazingly talented and convincing cast. You would not be disappointed as it was deeply moving, yet also light hearted and sweet in places, followed by dark and sinister moments where my heart was in my throat… an absolute must watch! You left the theatre really feeling like you had experienced Amber’s journey with her, the highs and the lows and everything in between. I was completely gripped throughout and didn’t want the show to end.

I loved every moment of Run Rebel and the fantastic cast that told her tale. Amber was completely loveable, we felt her pain and shared her successes and it’s an uplifting story that everyone needs to hear. I can not recommend the Run Rebel Theatre production enough.

Everything you need to know to book tickets for Run Rebel Theatre UK Tour:

Meet The Cast & Team
  • Jessica Kaur – Amber
  • Pushpinder Chani – Harbans & Ensemble
  • Asha Kingsley – Surinder & Ensemble
  • Simran Kular – Ruby, Beena & Ensemble
  • Hannah Millward – Tara & Ensemble
  • Kiran Raywilliams – David & Ensemble
  • Co-produced with Mercury Theatre Colchester, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Derby Theatre and York Theatre Royal.
  • Tessa Walker directs the world première adaptation of Manjeet Mann’s award-winning novel for young adults, published in 2020.
Run Rebel Theatre UK Tour Dates and booking details:
run rebel programme theatre

What is the expected running time?

The show is 2 hours long with a 20 minute interval.

Warnings and age guidance

Run Rebel is suitable from 11 years plus, it contains depictions of violence (including domestic violence), alcoholism, bullying and discrimination. The production also includes references to ‘honour’ killings. Some strong language.

I was invited to the press night of Run Rebel Theatre Show but all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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