Easy DIY air filled balloon decorations at home

Easy DIY air filled balloon decorations at home

Easy DIY balloons at home using air

Balloons are a brilliant way to brighten up a birthday or other occasion, but they can be costly, especially if helium filled. With a helium shortage too, its ever more difficult to get your hands on. There are so many different options to choose from for Easy DIY air filled balloon decorations from balloon arches, columns, bouquets and garlands. Backed up with a nice backdrop and banners, you can easily create a cost effective and cheap DIY Balloon decoration yourself at home.

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Easy DIY balloon bouquet at home

I searched and found the perfect answer for creating a simple and easy DIY air filled balloon bouquet I can make at home! Using hardly any equipment other than your balloons. I needed 6 latex balloons and one helium/character style for the top.

I ordered this exact Balloon Stand Kit:

There are several Balloon Stand Kits available, including some with lights and balloons included, like this one:

The balloon stand I chose was both floorstanding or it could be shortened to create an easy balloon table centrepiece. You get two stands in your kit. I combined these with a tinsel backdrop and banners/bunting to create a really simple balloon decoration at home using only air. Your kit even includes the balloon pump to blow up your balloons.

Creating your DIY party balloons

The stand arrives in several parts, which simply slot together. Starting with the base which you fill with water. You can decide to use one or two of the centre poles depending if you want a table centrepiece display or a floor standing balloon display.

Within minutes you can build the stand. The poles have balloon holders to wrap the neck of your latex balloon around. You don’t even need to tie each of the balloons individually, just wrap them across the holders and they stay inflated. With the helium balloon at the top (filled with air). I wrapped it around the balloon holder and secured the tail with a piece of sellotape.

DIY Part decorations for at home, balloon banner, balloon stand

Balloon Stand Kit for Easy DIY party decorations

The balloon stand would be ideal accessories for a variety of scenes, such as weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, school and leaver celebrations, Christmas or Halloween. This makes DIY party balloons at home so simple and you can use it time and time again. Just pack away between uses.

I think a set of lights would look perfect wrapped around the stand. I might try that for my next set!

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Easy DIY balloon decoration ideas for at home using a Balloon Stand kit

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