My Sunday Photo – Trolls Party

My Sunday Photo

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Well it’s been an action packed few weeks during the school holidays and whoops I seem to have missed a few of ‘My Sunday Photos’!

So one of the reasons things have been so chaotic is getting ready for my daughters 5th birthday. Not just her birthday but the birthday party that goes with it! This year Eden opted for a Trolls themed party!

Trolls Themed Party

I absolutely loved planning this one, everything bright and colourful, it was so much fun! What wasn’t fun was making the balloon tower. I stupidly watched a YouTube video, thought it looked easy. Some 2 hours later I was regretting the decision! Actually constructing the balloon tower was fine. It was tying up all those balloons and then tying them together that took off about 4 layers of skin on my fingers! Ouch!

Anyway I soldiered on and completely the bulgey, misshapen wonky thing! I also made a note to myself to not make that mistake again! Until the next time no doubt!

So ‘My Sunday Photo’ this week had to be one from the party (or maybe two). I took so many!

So this is Edens trolltastic birthday party!

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  1. My youngest is Trolls mad. I may ask you to organise her party in a couple of months time if that’s okay? #MySundayPhoto

    1. Aw thanks! I actually do a themed bespoke ‘party in a box’ through my company The Candy Bag Shop so I could help out lol.

  2. That looks like an awesome party, I hope it was as much fun as it looks

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Wow, what a clever mum you are! I know how difficult it is to put together a party like this so well done. I hope she had a fantastic day, it certainly looks fantastic.


  4. Wow you really went to town! Hope she had a great time #MySundayPhoto

  5. She is totally adorable!
    Love it and hope she had a lovely party!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic party! I would have loved this as a child. Actually I’d love it now πŸ™‚ #MySundayPhoto

  7. Great theme for a party! We love princess poppy! Love all the colours and attention to detail x #MySundayPhoto

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