fairy princess makeover

A Fairy Princess Makeover

A Fairy Princess Makeover

During our last visit to Butlins at Bognor, which you can read our review here, Eden enjoyed a Fairy Princess Makeover at ‘Cute Like Candi’ Salon. This is actually situated within the Butlins resort.

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fairy princess makeover cute as candi salon

What’s included?

It was such good value! Each Makeover included, the child’s hair braided, nails painted, face painting, tiara, wand and tutu (which you get to keep!) all for £20. It too around 20-30 minutes in total and we were able to do it right away without prebooking. Although I would probably advise prebooking to avoid disappointment.

The makeover

What a magical experience! Eden was truly treated like a princess by the lovely Fairy Godmother that did her transformation. To begin with Eden got seated in front of a mirror at a pretty pink station in the salon. The Fairy Godmother introduced herself and Eden happily chatted away to her. First off Eden’s hair was braided into two Dutch braids, they were so neat and were finished off with some glitter hairspray. The plaits stayed in so well she kept them for the following day even after sleeping in them!fairy princess makeover eden hair brushed

fairy princess makeover waiting for makeover

fairy princess makeover Hair braided

fairy princess makeover hair braided
Next up Eden chose from a selection of nail varnishes, she chose a pink glittery one and had her nails painted. She sat very still for the Fairy Godmother and kept her hands on the table to dry whilst she had her face painted. The face painting was finished off with more sparkly glitter and then Eden was ready to choose her tiara, wand and tutu.fairy princess makeover edens makeover

fairy princess makeover nails painted

fairy princess makeover edens nail painted

fairy princess makeover hair reveal
fairy princess makeover Eden's face painted

fairy princess makeover glitter facepaint

fairy princess makeover Eden's face painted

fairy princess makeover testing her wings
Eden selected a white sparkly tutu and a pretty tiara and wand. She then tested her magic and her fairy wings and was awarded her very own certificate! Eden was so pleased, afterwards she skipped round the resort casting spells on everything! She truly felt like a magical fairy princess and she looked simply adorable.

fairy princess makeover finished makeover

fairy princess makeover eden with certificate
It was such a lovely experience both for Eden and I. I would totally recommend booking in if you are visiting Butlins in the near future. Absolutely worth the £20!!!

Thank you for reading ‘A Fairy Princess Makeover’.

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  1. This is absolutely lovely my girls would love this! She is such a beauty you must be so proud x

  2. Thank you, this was so lovely to read, I am so glad that Eden had a great experience.
    From the fairy godmother

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