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‘Practically Perfect’ Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea

Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea at Cardamon Tea Lounge

‘Practically Perfect’ inspired by Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea is appearing at one of our favourite tea rooms in Colchester, Essex. Cardamon Tea Lounge & Coffee Shop host themed afternoon teas, each month brings a new theme. Running for the month of May 2018 ‘Practically Perfect’ themed afternoon tea is sure to delight any Mary Poppins fan!

‘Practically Perfect’ A Mary Poppins inspired Themed Afternoon Tea

Cardamon Tea Lounge always pay so much attention to detail on their themed afternoon teas and this Mary Poppins inspired afternoon tea is no exception. We choose from one of the 50 choices of tea to go along with our afternoon tea. I can personally recommend Karak Chai, a wonderful blend of Assam, cardamon and made with condensed milk. It was amazing!

The ‘Practically Perfect’ afternoon tea was beautifully displayed with lots of hints from the much loved film.

Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea view


The afternoon tea consisted of some delicious savouries served in a picnic basket. We enjoyed an egg mayo mini roll, salmon and cream cheese wrap, cheese & cucumber sandwich and a tuna & sweet corn sandwich. I love how The Cardamon Tea Lounge make their sandwiches with mixed breads, one side white and one side brown! A unique but very tasty idea! This afternoon tea also included your very own teacup salad finished with Feta, walnuts, red onion and strawberries.

Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea sandwiches in picnic basket


The sweets for the Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea were very exciting. We enjoyed lemon and poppy seed scones with clotted cream & jam. The scones were accompanied by lots of other sweet treats. A homemade Victoria sponge, a kite shaped brownie and your own spoonful of sugar to name but a few. There was even a chocolate umbrella!

Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea collage of pictures

Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea close up of salad in teacups with strawberries

Scones and jam Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea

To make your visit even more exciting, Cardamon Tea Lounge are offering two very special dates (5th and 26th May) where for a small extra charge you get to meet Mary Poppins herself! It’s sure to be a very special day!

Children’s Mary Poppins themed afternoon tea platter

Cardamon Tea Lounge make lots of themed platters for children! At just £6.50, the children’s platter includes a yummy milkshake or drink, shaped sandwiches, along with lots of yummy biscuits, chocolates and sweets! Each one carefully designed to fit in with the film. Eden absolutely loves the kids platters and the Mary Poppins inspired platter was no exception!

The ‘Practically Perfect’, Mary Poppins inspired Afternoon Tea is running for the month of May 2018 and is £20 per head (at time of publishing).

Children’s platter is £6.50.

Children’s platter on a tray Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea Children’s Mary Poppins afternoon tea and child dressed as Mary Poppins

Pop over to their website or Facebook page to book or for further information.

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Thank you for reading ‘Practically Perfect Themed Afternoon Tea – Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea’.

Spoonful of sugar Mary Poppins Themed Afternoon Tea

Written in collaboration with Cardamon Tea Lounge, all views and opinions are my own.

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Relax and unwind with David lloyd, not just a gym…

david lloyd collage photos relax and unwind with david lloyd

Relax and unwind with David Lloyd Clubs

I regularly go to the gym, workout and then leave. Sometimes I stop off for a quick coffee or breakfast, but often overlooking the other great facilities that are available to me. I go to the gym to get into shape and then go about my day to day activities. Recently I’ve had a stressful time in my personal life. It can really take its toll on your mental health so I’ve needed to learn to relax more and find some ‘me time’. I’ve looked for ways to help me to de-stress and I now feel like I’m finally learning to relax and unwind with David Lloyd.

Over the past few weeks I’ve made sure to book into some of the more relaxing classes like Pilates and Body Balance. I always walk out of a class feeling so good, feeling like I am benefiting both my mind and body. Recently I’ve been using the David Lloyd club as a spa experience. I’ve met up with friends, relaxed by the pool, treated myself to a jacuzzi, followed by a steam or sauna session. I have enjoyed eating some delicious lunches, relaxing in the quiet room with a book and catching up with friends on a comfy sofa in the lounge over a coffee (or wine!). When the weather gets warmer I’m really looking forward to making the most of the outdoor pool and relaxing on a sun lounger outside, dreaming of warmer climates!

A collage of images at David LLoyd, swimming pool, a flatbread, gym equipment and studio

A collage of images at David LLoyd, outdoor swimming pool, lounge, coffee cup

Fun for kids

David Lloyd has been great for my daughter too, I’ve been able to get some much needed ‘me time’ whilst Eden is busy having fun. David Lloyd offer a mix of sports and games clubs, dancing, football, along with creative art and craft classes. She has an amazing time in one of the many classes or meeting new friends playing in the soft play area. It’s allowed me to just sit quietly with a coffee and catch up on life! Sometimes we forget about our mental well being and how important it is to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. I always train hard and try to eat well (in between the afternoon teas)! I now know to spend a little bit more time focusing on me and relaxing more too! It has really helped me get back on track these past few weeks. I’ve continued with my usual classes in the gym and incorporated some relaxing using the other facilities.

My local David Lloyd Club hosts lots of brilliant social activities too, whether it’s a theatre coach trip to the Westend or a Casino night in house. The kids are not forgotten either… there were Chocolate making parties at Easter, a fabulous panto at Christmas and lots of great things on for kids throughout the year! Once a month they even have a children’s entertainer come down to party with the kids with no extra to pay! The kids absolutely love it, especially Eden, she is a party animal!

David lloyd, eden swimming, kids club with a balloon hat and a view of the soft play area

Check out David Lloyd’s website or pop into your local club to see what activities or offers they have available! You would be surprised David Lloyd is not just a gym but also a great social experience too and perfect for kids. See why we love being members at our local David lloyd here.

Thank you for reading ‘relax and unwind with David lloyd, not just a gym’.

david lloyd collage, gym equipment and people smiling

Written in collaboration with David Lloyd, all views and comments are my own.